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Newly Qualified Apprentice Opens Own Business

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Shortly after completing her Level 3 ICT and Telecoms Professional apprenticeship, Caitlyn Sheldon successfully opened her own business called CVS-Technical.

Read more to hear about Caitlyn’s new venture and how the apprenticeship programme gave her the confidence to start her IT consultancy company.

CVS-Technical works in IT repair and training. The repair focuses on hardware and software issues, I try to make my service as transparent as possible, letting my customers know every step of the repair and exactly when costs can incur so that they have a lot of freedom and choice in how I perform the repair. With the cost of everything rising I’m finding a lot of customers really appreciate this and I can help them to pick refurbished parts instead if that suits the repair.

I am still developing the training side, my aim is for it to be able to help people who struggle with their technology, like older people, small business owners, people re-entering the job market. I’m hoping to make it a training that every day users can easily access so that they can learn some of the basics of IT that we take for granted when we’ve learnt “everything” else.

I’ve had some really exciting opportunities since the start-up in March, like attending our local repair café every month, and donating a laptop and iPad to Ukrainian refugees that need them for school. I’ve also started a contract with a local comprehensive school to fix their iPads weekly.

ITeC's support and education has made me the confident, competent technician I now am. I could never have started a business at 22 without the foundations that ITeC and their staff built for me.