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Eco-Code Action Plan

Updated July 2023

EcoCode Action Plan

You are encouraged to use this Action Plan Toolkit to the extent that it can be adapted by your organisation, if you would find it useful in supporting the development of your company and its interface with environmental sustainability issues. You are asked to consider adopting the ECOCODE Action Plan (below) to further support your existing actions in protecting the environment, as a means to document processes and corporate habits and policies you already undertake.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Eco-code:

We will reduce, repair, reuse and recycle potential waste wherever possible.


1. Purchase items with low/zero levels of packaging.
2. Recycle all materials used, including paper, metals, glass and plastic.
3. Compost appropriate perishable items.



Eco-code: We will try and encourage more environmentally friendly ways for you to travel when you come and see us! Likewise, organisation business will be conducted through the most environmentally sustainable mode of transport.


1. Reduce need for transport through the use of ICT.
2. Utilise public transport wherever possible.
3. Vehicle share wherever possible.


Eco-code: We will buy products and materials that do not harm the environment when they are made or used or disposed of.


1. Purchase re-used/recycled products wherever possible.

2. Purchase from environmentally-sound supplier organisation.



Eco-code: We will save water wherever possible.


1. Turn off taps whenever not in use.

2. Install water conservation measures such as time limited taps and ‘grey water’ recycling systems.



Eco-code: We aim to lower energy consumption at the centre, and teach you about how to save energy.


1. Turn off all heating/lighting when not needed.

2. Use heating controls to swiftly react to different daily heating needs.

3. Install effective insulation, close all doors/windows in winter.

4. Subscribe to a green energy company such as Good Energy that can source 100% green electricity.

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