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Skills Academy Wales was established as the first Work-Based Learning Partnership of its kind in Wales in October 2009. In response to the challenges set out in the Transformation Agenda for Post-16 Education in Wales, the Partnership brought together a diverse range of outstanding and like-minded WBL providers who continue to lead on these challenges by widening the options available for all learners and reducing costly duplication of provision.


Mark Dacey                    

Principal / CEO

NPTC Group of Colleges                                     

Executive Board Members

 Catherine Lewis                       Nicola Thorton-Scott        

 Deputy Chief Executive Officer                Assistant Prinicpal: Skills                         NPTC Group of Colleges                         NPTC Group of Colleges                 

Christine Webb        Matthew Tucker        Janice Thomas

Managing Director              Assistant Principal                Company Manager        ACO Training Ltd               Coleg y Cymoedd                 Gwendreath Valley                                                                                                  Community Enterprise  

Helen Necrews           Wyn Lloyd              'Vacant Position'

Managing Director                  Training Manager             Manager                         ITeC Digital Training Ltd          LRC Training                   Pathways Training 

Louise Akers 


Skills Academy Wales 

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