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Welsh Government Employer Incentive

The Welsh Government Employer Incentive has been designed to encourage employers to get first-hand experience of the benefits of recruiting disabled people.

Recruit a Disabled Apprentice. A Genius Decision!

From the 1st April 2022, employers who recruit a disabled apprentice will be eligible to receive an employer incentive of up to £2,000* per learner.

The following Eligibility criteria applies:

  • The disabled apprentice can have been employed by the employer claiming the incentive (or the maintained school or connected company) prior to being recruited onto the Apprenticeship Programme.

  • Self-declaration of learner’s disability (for example: declaration of disability by apprentice on application form) is acceptable but must be identified at the point of recruitment into employment and the employer must therefore be aware of the individual’s disability prior to making the decision to recruit the disabled person.

  • Other evidence could include, correspondence concerning reasonable adjustments for an interview, or any other correspondence or documentation that demonstrates the employer was aware of the apprentice’s disability prior to recruitment.

  • Where a learner is identified as having a disability after they have been recruited, the employer will not be eligible for the additional incentive payment.



The incentive for employing a disabled person will run to 31st March 2023.

*Terms and Conditions apply - please contact us to find out more

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