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There has never been a better time for you to start an Apprenticeship. If you live in Wales and are over 16 and not in full-time education you are eligible to apply!

Opportunities are available to undertake some or all of your apprenticeship programme through the medium of Welsh, or bilingually. 

Search our apprenticeship vacancies below:

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a work-based training programme. It is an employed position which offers individuals the opportunity to gain a number of recognised qualifications and essential skills whilst gaining work experience and earning a wage. 


The Apprenticeship programme allows Apprentices to: 

  • Work alongside experienced staff; 

  • Gain job-specific skills; 

  • Receive training and support from skilled tutors and assessors;  

  • Gain professional qualifications; and 

  • Earn a wage. 


Apprenticeships usually take between one and four years to complete, depending on the occupational sector and the level.   


Apprentices receive training in various ways, depending on the preference of their employer and training provider, which include: 

  • On the job; 

  • At college which could be full-time or part-time; 

  • At a training centre which you could attend once a week or in blocks of a few days or weeks; or 

  • At university if you are doing a higher level or degree Apprenticeship. 


In general apprentices are contracted to work for at least 30 hours a week, however, the number of hours an apprentice works depends on each business and employee terms and conditions.  An apprentice must receive the appropriate National Minimum Wage. 


Changing the Tire

Apprenticeship Information

Engineer Fixing Machine

Foundation Apprenticeship

Level 2

Equivalent to five GCSEs (A*-C)

Dentist at Work 2


Level 3

 Equivalent to two
A-Level Passes

Teacher and Student

Higher Apprenticeship

Level 4/5

Equivalent to a higher education certificate, higher education diploma or foundation degree

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